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Heavy Bleeding & Iron Deficiency Anemia

One of the most common causes of iron-deficiency anemia, besides nutritional deficiencies, is heavy menstrual bleeding, which can leave women feeling weak, unable to concentrate, and drained of energy for as little as a day or two or much longer when the condition...

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Managing Menopause

Our state of health at the time we enter menopause or peri-menopause determines the type and severity of symptoms we experience as our body undergoes one of its most profound physical transitions that often lasts for years. Self-care, which is always important, is...

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Late afternoon is a low-energy time of day for all of us. Our minds feels less sharp and focused, our feet drag and most of us feel hungry and in need of a pick-me-up. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee that will stimulate you, but do nothing to support your...

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Super Foods

My philosophy is that food is indeed our best medicine, so much so that at one time the name of my business was Food As Medicine. I love to hear the latest news from science as researchers continue to prove that foods are really good for us. Weekly, someone sends me...

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Metabolic Tune-up

This past week (in 2009), Dr. Ed Bauman of Bauman College visited his relatively new Boulder campus. As part of the school’s monthly Open House, a faculty member shares some of their wisdom in the form of a free presentation, and this time it was Ed’s turn. He spoke...

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Please, Detox Me!

Please, detox me!” is the plea I hear from many, while I observe many more who put their bodies through rigorous, nutritionally restrictive and dangerous practices all in the name of cleansing or improving their health. Read on in order to understand my philosophy of...

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The Healing Power of the Sun

Long before man emerged on the planet, the Sun has been providing warmth and nourishment to the Earth. Plants use the sun’s energy for photosynthesis, transforming the rays of sunshine into nourishment in the form of carbohydrates. For us, the Sun is nature’s ultimate...

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