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If you’re asking about a general health issue or nutrition topic, I recommend you use the comments section of a related post so everyone can benefit from the answer. I reply to all blog post comments within one week. If you want to guarantee an answer to a question or would like to inquire about a personal health issue, please request an appointment with me.
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Erin Livers

Food As Nourishment Holistic Health Counseling

4150 Darley Ave, Suite #6, Boulder, CO 80305

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“After I present my clients with information, I expect them to try it on, to have an experience, and as a result, they discover transformation.”

Erin Livers

Nutrition Therapist

Food As Nourishment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Make An Appointment?

If you’d like to work with Erin, use the contact form above to email her to request an appointment. All the necessary forms to fill out are found under the Work With Me menu on the Nutrition Counseling page of this website.

Where Do I Meet with Erin?

If you live in the Boulder/Denver area, you can meet with Erin personally in her office (address above). Otherwise, Erin is able to work with clients via phone or Skype.

How many Appointments Will I Need?

At your initial appointment, Erin will present you with a plan for how she will help you to reach your health goals. Everyone is an individual, so everyone’s plan will be different.