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Revitalize Digestion

for practitioners
The Revitalize Digestion seminar comprehensively teaches why and how the Program works and which clients may benefit.  
The Revitalize Program has been a wonderful tool for my nutrition practice, allowing me to improve my clients’ health in a short period of time. I have also offered this program in a group format in order to help more individuals at one time as well as increase my income. I’ve led groups for other health practitioners’ patients, gyms, and business wellness programs.  
After going through the program myself, my thyroid hormones normalized, adult acne cleared, and blood tests showed that inflammation markers had come down. I have now led about 50 clients through the program and have seen improvements in digestive issues (i.e. reflux, gas and bloating, diarrhea and constipation), anxiety and depression, energy, focus, PMS, headaches, joint pain, and elevated liver enzymes. Some clients have been able to reduce and even eliminate certain medications.  They’ve also eliminated sugar cravings and enjoyed discovering new foods and recipes!
Jennifer Simon

Certified Nutrition Consultant

Revitalize Digestion: for Practitioners

The Revitalize Digestion: Anti-inflammatory, Elimination-Challenge Diet & Gut Healing Program brings your education together and gives you step-by-step instructions to heal the gut, resolve gut symptoms, balance blood sugar, identify food sensitivities, replete nutrients and reduce pain, inflammation, and excess weight for your clients in 30 days. This workshop and the accompanying guidebook will give you everything you need to guide your clients through this Program immediately. Once you have incorporated this tool into your healthcare practice, you can then use your expertise to partner with other healthcare practitioners and grow your business.

The benefits of this Program go beyond the information presented at the seminar. Become part of the Revitalize Digestion community of practitioners:
1. Achieve Consulting Efficiency: Use the Program to streamline how you work with clients as it allows you to balance blood sugar, clean up the diet, reduce/eliminate inflammation, identify food sensitivities, eliminate gut infections, and alleviate your clients’ symptoms that were caused by the above issues, and all in approximately 30 days.
2. Business Marketing Support: Use the Program and your expertise as a sales/marketing tool when you want to partner with practitioners.
3. Community Support: Become part of a community of Revitalize practitioners in the private Facebook group. You can ask questions that Erin and the group answer or share your experience.
4. More Education/Advanced Classes: Once you’re familiar or have mastered the Program, attend the advanced classes coming in 2018. They will help you understand how to use stool testing, food sensitivity testing, work with specific health conditions such as auto-immune, IBD (with the Specific Carb Diet), GERD, PCOS, and others as well as work with a variety of clients: kids, athletes, elders.
5. Guidebook for you and clients: The 100+-page Client Guidebook will be published and available at Amazon in March of 2018. In the meantime, purchase copies for your clients from me. Your copy is complimentary with the seminar. It contains step-by-step instructions on the Program, shopping tips, FAQ, 21-day meal plan, and many, many recipes.
These benefits are especially helpful to practitioners who are looking for more clinical expertise and who are building their businesses or students who will be creating their businesses once they graduate.
“Learning the Revitalize Digestion Program was MAGNIFICENT for my business. I now recommend it to my clients, and feel confident and knowledgable to do so.
My clients have reported significant changes including: increased energy, decreased brain fog, clearer skin, better quality sleep, increased productivity, less gas/bloating, decreased under-eye circles, weight loss and improved digestion. Also: greater awareness about their relationship with food and overall mindfulness. I have only heard positive results from my clients regarding this Program. It has been great to see my clients (and myself) grow significantly. I highly recommend this Program!”
Havilande Green

Certified Nutrition Consultant

Revitalize Digestion

gut healing program
Revitalize Digestion is an Anti-Inflammatory Elimination-Challenge Diet & Gut Healing Program. This program takes you through a 21-day elimination-challenge diet to determine which foods may be causing inflammation and other symptoms, jumpstarts weight loss if this is one of your goals, and teaches you how to eat to balance your blood sugar every day. It also provides supplements to eliminate bacterial and yeast overgrowth while supporting healthy populations of beneficial bacteria. I’ve guided more than 500 people on this journey, all with great results and great learning for the participants.
Some of the results you may see that my clients have achieved:
  • reduce or eliminate joint pain, often chronic pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments for years
  • heal leaky gut and eliminate a variety of digestive issues
  • relieve brain fog
  • reduce or eliminate headaches, sinus issues, skin issues
  • relieve a variety of digestive issues: chronic constipation or diarrhea, gas, bloating, heartburn…
  • improve women’s menstrual cycles
  • improve energy levels
  • weight loss: up to 8 pounds for women, up to 12 pounds for men
  • hope

When I came to Erin I wanted help to lose weight; I had been steadily gaining for 2 years even though I was following diets and exercising regularly. Erin was able to apply her clinical experience to my evaluation and pull out for me the possibility that we could not only help me with weight, but told me that I could be free from chronic issues like heartburn, loose bowels, and my pattern of a monthly cold. I said let’s do this work, but I have to admit that I wasn’t sure anything we did would result in long-term changes, because I had failed to fix these issues on my own in the past.

Today I also have no heartburn or digestive issues from food, I have lost weight, and I have not had a cold in 4 months. Changes I never thought possible.
Thanks Erin, for the information, the clinical expertise you applied to me, your not a “one size fits all” personal approach, and for the emotional support. All of this combined to change my life and my approach to food.


Eating for a Healthier Brain

video series

Eating For a Healthier Brain is a 6-video series created for students at the Neurosculpting Institute. This class is now available for purchase if you want to:

  • ensure your brain works optimally
  • understand why your brain isn’t working well due to poor memory or concentration, depression, anxiety or other common complaints
  • understand the connection between diet and brain performance
  • learn about the brain’s chemical messengers: the neurotransmitters
  • prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease
  • help yourself recover from a mild traumatic brain injury
  • hack your lifestyle for optimal brain function
  • understand the role that household and environmental toxins play in brain health

Without a doubt the most complete, understandable, and pragmatic approach to a personal dietary plan on planet Earth. Amazing stuff that Erin Livers and the Neurosculpting Institute have put together. Worth every penny.

Travis Rumsey

Worksite Wellness

company programs

Worksite Wellness Programs can support the members of your organization to learn the basics of nutrition and create healthier habits that allow them lose weight, lower cholesterol, and blood pressure, reduce pain & inflammation, support immunity and ultimately reduce sick time. After years spent in the corporate world—before Erin became a nutritionist—she saw how these programs can be a great benefit to employees and companies alike. Erin and her team have a variety of programs to offer. Worksite Wellness Programs are designed for the needs of your organization.

Typically, classes such as these are scheduled during lunchtime.

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Healthy Fats, Healthy Brain
  • Energy & Weight Loss
  • Food Sensitivities and Special Diets
  • Smooth Digestion

Erin is very knowledgeable and able to present the facts in a very non-judgmental way, and people appreciate that. She can take a rather complicated topic (for us who don’t know) and make sense out of it very succinctly. Her presentation was ‘spot on’ and I’ve heard nothing but good feedback from our small class! They want more recipes and when we do it again, they want to have more than one meeting so more workers can attend.

Laurie Winther

MacAllister Machinery Company, Indianapolis, IN

Educational Talks

public presentations

Erin is a well-researched and enthusiastic speaker. Have her design a presentation to inspire and educate your group with one of her timely topics or one of your own.

Sugar Blues

Why is the flavor sweet hard-wired into our biology? Why do we crave sugar? Learn healthy eating patterns that support you to feel more freedom around sugary foods. These same patterns help us to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for life.

Stress & Digestion

Improve your digestion and improve your health. Learn why how you eat is just as important as what you eat. Enjoy your meals and feel good!

Strong Mind, Sharp Memory
Foods and supplements to support good memory, healthy brain function and creative thinking at any age. Age-proof your brain!
Eat Well for Winter Health
Prevent colds, flu and other winter ailments by eating with the season. Learn which foods and practices will strengthen your Immunity.
Allergy Relief
Why some of us have immune systems that over-react to cause allergy symptoms. Learn to prevent and minimize allergy symptoms with natural remedies, hygiene, and nutrition.
How will Eating Fruits and Vegetables Make Me Feel Better?
Phytonutrients (plant nutrients) are recently discovered substances that protect us from illness and disease. Learn what these nutrients are, how  they keep us healthy, and which foods are most important for us to include in our daily diet. 
Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes and Hypoglycemia
Blood sugar balance is critical to our health and weight management, determining daily maintenance of our mood and energy levels. Once we’re on it, the blood sugar “roller coaster,” is difficult to quit. Learn how to escape this pattern to avoid chronic disease.
How to Maintain Healthy Cholesterol without Drugs
This class examines the risk factors and causes of heart disease, and the role cholesterol plays. Learn your risk factors for this disease and the diet and lifestyle choices that lower your risk. Popular drugs and supplements will be discussed.
Trouble Sleeping?
Many of our habits during the day can interrupt our body’s ability to reach deep, restorative levels of sleep at night. Find out how to adjust your diet and habits to achieve a good night’s sleep every night. Yes, it may be that simple!
Other topics:
Nourishment and the Art of Eating
Liver & Colon Health: Detoxification and Cleansing Diets
Eating with the Seasons: Your Guide to Local, Organic Food
Herbs for Health
Health and Nutrition Tips for Teens
Inspire Your Kids to Eat Well & Enjoy their Food
Resolve Candida Infections for Life
Nutrition 101 for Health Practitioners: Acupuncturists, Herbalists, Nurse Practitioners, Massage Therapists

Erin, thanks so much for that wonderful and very informative talk you gave us a couple of days ago at the Louisville Senior Center. It was simple and easy to understand, especially for the aging population. It spurred me on to want to learn more about nutrition.

Merlyn DeSouza

Louisville, CO


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